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Customer Testimonials

Acoustifence noise barrier used to quiet barking dogs at doggy daycare

So far the fencing system seems to working good. I haven't had any complaints from my neighbor. Thank you for working with me, I really appreciate it. And it looks fine as far as I'm concerned.. Thanks again.

Amanda Wheeler

Bark Central, LLC.

Condominium Noise

Thanks I got the shipment in good condition.

I just installed the product this weekend. I still have to mud/tape the wallcover, but it was very easy to install. I will send some pictures when I am done everything.

The sound dampening is very good for this product. In a week or two I'll contact you again as I am probably going to do another order for more wallcovers for my condo as I have another wall that needs more sound dampening.

Matthew Pederson

acoustiblok soundproofing material quiets road noise inside toyota tundra cab

"I recently had the interior of my 2004 Tundra lined with Acoustblok and am very pleased with the results, low cost and ease of installation. Makes my 10 year old truck as quiet as a Lexus. Highly recommend it."

Thanks Kamy,

Richard Magann
Winter Haven, FL



Here are the pictures from my 1980 SeaRay Flybridge Sedan Project. I hope they show it well.

Thanks for your help. Not only does the boat look much better after the upgrades I've made, the installation of the Acoustiblok made an incredible difference in reducing the in-cabin and the cockpit area sound levels.

If you have any questions, just e-mail or call.

Paul J. Petruccelli
St. James City, FL

See more photos from this project on our Gallery of Transportation Noise Solutions

acoustiblok soundproofing material was installed in a 1980 searay flybridge sedan

Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I did order a small amount of acoustiblock, adhesives and tape for my project of sound deadening the generator compartment of my mobile home. The acoustiblock was easy to work with and the project was a success. I hope to use acoustiblock in other future projects. I heartily recommend it.

Chas. Stitzer

Ira Schechtel of Fenceworks, Inc. stopped by the Acoustiblok soundproofing products display booth during the 2013 NAHB International Builders' Show and had something to share about our Acoustifence noise barrier product.

Kayleen McCabe stopped by the Acoustiblok soundproofing products display booth during the 2013 NAHB International Builders' Show and had something to share with her fans.

noisy heatpump quieted by using Acoustiblok soundproofing material and QuietFiberHey there Mike,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of the how I dealt with my neighbors noisy heater unit that was outdoors and not inside their basement like mine.

After doing a lot of research, I realized your company was the best one out there that might help me cut down on the terrible low frequency noise and vibration that was ruining my sleep. I have no idea at all how these companies can make air-conditioning and heater units for the outside of the house that can totally bother any neighbors nearby. But all I can say is thank God I found out about your company!

I can't thank you enough on walking me through everything that I needed to do and helping me figure out the installation. It was a piece of cake and after putting up the fence, I was done with the Acoustiblok and all of the QuietFiber in about an hour. It was so easy and went just like I had hoped!

Your materials made a huge difference as the noise from next door is so much less that I can't even believe it. I was dreaming about a product like this for the past year and I'm so happy that I decided to do research on the web and found you guys!! You have been fantastic to deal with and life in our home is now going to be considerably different and so much better because of you and your company!!!

I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Have a great 2013!

Scott Stulberg
Sedona, Arizona

Hi Kamy.

I had the small generator brought home from work for a test in the shed.

Acoustiblok is Amazing!!!

You can see/hear the preliminary test video here:

I am so pleased with the results. I can't hear the generator inside the house.
Thanks so much!

Hi Steve:

I am a believer now bud---------------------------this stuff (Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material) works beyond my wildest dreams. Did you have much sales in the maritime providences of Canada yet?

My carpenter/contractor is convinced as well and he is at the top of his game as far as contractors go. Thanks for everything. As tenants move I will be buying more product. If you want me as a reference for anyone in the area thinking about your product, have them give me a call.

Gary Grant
Facility Works
Antigorish, N.S. Canada

I left our meeting at Acoustiblok and went out and offered this product to my next 5 clients.....4 of the 5 clients asked me for a portion or all of their home to be done.....

Whether is is quieting the guest bathroom or encapsulating the entire home or office, indoor or out I can guarantee you will find my company offering Acoustiblok products because they work.

Again, thanks for an incredible entire testimonial.

Jeff Harris
Hive Audio Visual Company
Tampa, FL 33617


Jeff Harris Hive Audio Visual Company

Acoustifence noise barrier quiets residential batting cage noise  

"Allied Fence Company was asked to install an Acoustiblok fence in a residential application. A family had a batting cage for their children. The noise was unsettling to the neighbors so they contacted us for a solution.

As soon as the project was complete our client was very pleased. Even better the neighbors were very satisfied with the tremendous reduction in the noise, enabling them to continue having undisturbed outdoor functions."

We are more than pleased with the sound absorbing qualities of the fence!

Even our neighbors of the gun club agree, that the perceived noise outside the club is noticeably reduced. Mission accomplished, and thank you all!

We like it so much, we will more than likely order another of the same in the next few weeks! There's another range at our club that we think, with the AcoustiFence, will make another reduction in noise outside our perimeter.

Thank you for a terrific product, and I look forward to ordering from you again very soon!

John Wax
Board of Directors
Sportsmen's Club of Clifton Park
Clifton Park, NY 12065


Acoustifence Noise barrier quiets a local gun club

Acoustifence noise barrier installed as curtains block noise from neighboring AC units


We live in Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

After our neighbors completed their renovation on the house shown in the first picture, three large air conditioning units were installed. These gave off vibration and noise that was very difficult to adjust to after 25 years of quiet.

We were pleased to find Acoustiblok and ordered acoustic fencing that would fit on a chain link structure.

Four six foot wide curtains were ordered, ranging in length from seven feet to eleven feet, to accommodate the slope on our lot.

We separated the rolls and attached the end of each roll with sturdy plastic ties in about two hours (working slowly!)

The noise reduction has been wonderful for us: we have "taken back our balcony which is adjacent to the fence and now can read in our living room without the constant hum that was so hard on us.

Richard Huddleston

I have installed your sound insolation in my 1965 Bertram 20. Photos are enclosed. The insulation was applied to the engine cover and the rear bulkhead. We ran the boat and found the insulation more effective than other products I have installed in other boats. We could converse normally at cruising speed without raising our voices. I recommend your product.

Arthur l Rodriguez
Tampa, FL


Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material Installed in a 1965 Bertram Boat


Acoustifence noise barrier reduces noise from Pickleball court and is easily covered by existing wind screens


To Whom It May Concern:

Country Roads RV Property Owners Association, Inc. recently purchased and installed Acoustifence® on the Pickleball court within our community. Since being installed only a few years ago, The Pickleball court has been considered a nuisance by some of the nearby residents because of the sound that the paddle makes when hitting the ball. Pickleball is a mixture of badminton and tennis however; the ball is a large type of wiffleball.

The Board of Directors saw the need to keep the game becayse of its growing popularity and abate the noise for the neighboring homes. In researching on the Internet, a Board member found the website for Acoustiblok, Inc. After much research the Board of Directors voted unanimously to purchase and install the Acoustifence. Upon installation the neighboring homes noticed a considerable reduction of the repetitive ball play.

With our close proximity to Phoenix, Arizona, other communities have asked to see and test for themselves the Acoustifence product. I have attached to our testimony the corresondence from Bill Booth, President of The USA Pickleball Association.™

I can attest that Acoustifence material is not difficult to install, can be easily blended into the aesthetics particularly if you have existing wind screens and does abate any noise pollution.

Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions about our Community's experience.


Melissa Wood, CAAM®
Community Association Manager

Just finished putting my 1999 Suburban back together after installing new carpet and seats, but before I did I installed Acoustiblock under the carpet. Boy am I happy I did, this stuff is incredible.The reason I know I wasn't imagining the sheer difference in quietness is that my wife agreed. She hated the noise in my old truck and now has no problem driving with me which is great as you don't get much stuff in a Volvo convertible. I don't do near as much driving as I used to, which is why I 'refurbished' my old suburban but I wish I had done this years ago when I was driving more it would have been much more peaceful and quite. If anyone is reading this thinking about doing their car or trunk my hearty recommendations is Acoustiblok- you will not be disappointed.

Arthur Moore, Principal
AVM Real Estate Services, Inc.


Acoustiblok soundproofing material deadens road noise in Chevy Suburban

Residential condo with Acoustiblok soundproofing material being installed  

My contractor subbed the drywall out to one of his normally used subcontractors who stated that he had installed a lot of your material in the northern Delaware area. All in all it went pretty well. Thank you for your help. The guys doing the work have nicknamed my condo "the crypt" because it is so quiet.

Thank you,
Allen Embert

During our years as a dealer for Acoustiblok we have installed Acoustiblok on various types of projects and all have been successful. We have used Acoustiblok for treating walls, ceilings, and floors, including wrapping pipes, isolating mechanical equipment and many other creative applications. Since the product is pliable and easy to cut our installation is very productive in most all applications. Due to the proven effectiveness of Acoustiblok treatments we always recommend your product when blocking sound transmission is desired. We look forward to more projects as a dealer with Acoustiblok in the future!

Jason Gordon
8672 Concord Center Drive
Englewood, CO 80112
Tel (303) 694-6611
Fax (303) 694-6612

"We love this product. First, I was amazed at how thin it is, my 14-year-old son and I installed it ourselves with no problem. Our neighbors complained that the noise from our yard was quite loud before we installed the Acoustifence, and now you can't hear a thing. People think the birds are gone."

Paula Carroll, owner of pet roosters, chickens and wild turkeys that were bothering the neighbors
Helena, Alabama

Boston Carmel Monastery  

We have been very pleased with the way Acoustiblok has reduced sound transmission between rooms in our monastery, where we value and try to maintain a quiet atmosphere. We would defnitely recommend your product.

It has been a pleasure to work with your sales staff. Thank you for an overall positive experience with your company.

Sincerely, The Carmelites of Boston.

Vutec Audio Visual  

"Acoustiblok is used in our motorized screen systems. We are very satisfied with the results on our sound proofing project." - Vutec Video Screen Corp

Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa FL  

A night under the stars - especially in a planetarium - shouldn't include unwanted sound effects. When a museum and planetarium with IMax theather is next to a busy highway, Acoustiblok is essential for sound insulation. At MOSI in Tampa Florida, Acoustiblok is used to exclude noise from the high traffic 4-lane road 50 feet from the building, and to isolate noise sources inside the facilty from quiet areas. - Friends of the Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa, FL

Division 7 Quality Insulation Systems

Here at Division 7 Insulation we pride ourselves in custom thermal and acoustical treatments in a majority of our residential, commercial and multi-family applications. We have found Acoustiblok to be the perfect compliment to many of our customer's demands for cutting edge performance, especially in the area of sound control. Acoustiblok's performance has time and again proven to be the leader, especially in our upper end multi-family projects in downtown Vail, CO, where sound engineers on these projects are continually amazed by its versatility and sound deadening characteristics.

In order for us to adhere to the stringent requirements posed by these engineers and contractors, we find ourselves ever developing new and innovative techniques in the application of Acoustiblok. As with any product, if it is not installed properly, the capability of the product diminishes significantly. Although Acoustiblok is rather awkward and cumbersome, with a little practice, it can still be installed to achieve its highest level of performance. With the superior customer service and technical support we receive from the staff at Acoustiblok, we have been able to address and overcome just about any issue that is posed to us.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about noise reduction, regardless of the conditions, whether it be a home theatre all the way up to an industrial application. The knowledgeable staff at Acoustiblok is there to serve.

Pete Coldagelli
Division 7
Silverthorne Colorado

  installation photo

installation photo

Boss & Mennie Luxury Homebuilders  

Acoustiblok came to our rescue on a residential construction project we had just started. We were required to run a large and very loud diesel motor 24 hours a day to remove ground water during our initial foundation excavation. This project was located in a prestigious neighborhood and the neighbors weren't going to put up with it. In fact, one neighbor had called the local building department and reported us, prompting a local inspector to visit our site.

We needed a way to quiet the motor, but we thought getting the noise level to 55dB was nearly impossible - until we decided to call Acoustiblok. We described the situation to L.J. and Steve and they thought they could fix the problem and meet the city's noise ordinance requirements. Within hours Steve was on our job site taking decibel readings and arranging the noise-reducing Acoustiblok panels around the noisy diesel motor. After a few adjustments, we were getting noise levels of 52-54dB. In fact, it was so quiet, simply a bird chirping during the noise level testing was pushing the dB meter into the 58-60dB range! They were also able to provide documentation to our local inspector who was extremely impressed with our solution. Steve also personally talked to the neighbor who originally called the building department and they were very grateful for the quick response and the professionalism of the solution. Thank you Accoustiblok for saving our project!

Brandon Boss and Graham Mennie
Boss & Mennie, Inc.


At the new Ko'olani luxury condominium in Honolulu Hawaii, Acoustiblok was built into the penthouse floors. The results were so outstanding that the developer/builder has now required that the Acoustiblok floor system be used in all units having solid floors.

Coastal Dewatering Logo  

"I've been in the business for over 7 years and this is the best I've ever seen." - Rick Jans, Chief Mechanic

When the suppliers of the high power pumps at Coastal De-Watering were called in to drain footers on a $6.2 million dollar custom home construction site, they also had to solve a noise problem. Water from the nearby bay was seeping into the footers before the concrete could adequately set up. When the pumps were turned on the neighbors complained about the noise, especially when it was explained that it would be needed 24/7 for at least three days.

The temporary installation of Acoustiblok All Weather Industrial Sound Panels was completed in less than 1 hour and the sound reduction was dramatic. At the pump the sound was reduced from 90.7 dbs to 71.5 dbs. At the lot line where the neighbors had complained the sound was reduced from 62.3 dB to less than 52 dB. This is a reduction of about 50% in audible sound.

"We are reviewing purchase of these panels to take to every job---you're damn right they're good."

Rick Jans
Chief Mechanic
Coastal De-Watering
Tampa Florida

  Pump before Acoustiblok

Pump with Acoustiblok

Grand Canyon Quiet Again

Stuck with 105 dB noise from an air intake head, Grand Canyon National Park service personnel were truly in a bind. Massive amounts of air must flow, so the intake could not have a restrictive housing.

Simple solution: Four Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels™ Easily installed and preserving ease of access, the AWSP solution provides an amazing 30 db noise reduction! "Works very well... can not be distinguished from ambient noise of surrounding equipment." - Dave Welborn

  grand canyon panorama

outdoor acoustic panel installation


To The Prospective Customers of Acoustiblok:

When we started looking at this product, I was on a short time table and was not sure what I was looking for. We found the customer service department to be great. They helped get the information and the pricing to us for our project. When it came to ordering and handling the product, they out did themselves again. We could not be any happier and looking forward to using them and their products again.

James Banks, Estimator
Kight Home Center
Corporate Headquarters
Evansville, IN 47715

Shephards Beach Resort has a very popular chic nighclub called The Wave. The club is jammed pack and the music is very loud (105dB). The guests staying in the rooms above the club always complained about the vibrating loud music penetrating into their rooms.

We decided to install Acoustiblok inside the club to hopefully alleviate the complaints. Extra measures were taken to ensure the highest abatement would be obtained. Sound measurements were recorded before and after installation of the material. The noise reduction was impressive, but more importantly, the complaints from guests have stopped. If the material is installed correctly, it really works.

::: Wave Club Acoustiblok Installation :::

Wave Club at Shepards

Acoustical data courtesy of Shephards Beach Resort

I've got this big four-story-plus-basement town house in Washington DC. It's 90 years old and accommodates me plus two girls and a boy between 11 and 15, my wife, two dogs and a cat. A recipe for chaos, right? YES. No place to hide from the teenage skirmishing, the latest music, the latest movies and all the associated hassles.

Four months ago in desperation I tore out the basement to the four walls and within the space created my own personal apartment. Thanks to careful and liberal use of Acoustiblok, it's a refuge that's all but soundproof. Unbelievable.

Now, as I sit isolated in the evening with a glass of wine and a good book, I know that upstairs on a couple of floors the usual mayhem is playing out. From down here there's a murmur for background and that's it.

I smile quietly to myself. Thank you people, I've regained a measure of sanity.

John Fielding, A Happy Homeowner


Schell Brothers has an excellent reputation of providing our homeowners with quality construction and excellent customer service. One or our premier projects is the Windswept Condos located in the Peninsula Resort.

Ensuring the Resort's tranquility and serenity be experienced in each unit, Schell Brothers chose Acoustiblok for noise abatement. We have installed Acoustiblok on the floor joist and walls. As builders we really like how easy the material is installed compared to other products. It is just very heavy! We built an A frame roller system enabling us to buy the master rolls.

Although the project is still under construction, we were amazed that the noise from chop saws, nail guns, compressors and blasts were drastically reduced. Along with our other measures taken to reduce noise, Acoustiblok has provided great results!

Chris Azsec

Professional quality Audio-Visual Design & Installation

Our company specializes in the custom design of high-end dedicated home theaters. Having the theater acoustically isolated form the rest of the structure and the outside environment is a trademark of our designs. To achieve these results, we must use the best materials and construction techniques available. Your products, including Acoustiblok and Acousticaulk, are key components that give us the ability to obtain high levels of sound isolation that our clients require.

In addition to the standard installation method demonstrated on your webiste, we also use Acoustiblok in our acoustically de-coupled wall and ceiling constructions. This technique actually helps to improve the sound within a dedicated listening space while providing the ultimate in sound isolation.

Thanks for your great products and customer service.


Ben Meyers, P.E.
Industrial Sound and Vision, LLC
Madisonville, LA
(985) 845-2497

We had a problem renting many units because of the noise emanating from adjacent AC handlers and compressors located on the roof of our main clubhouse facility. The Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels worked as specified, and provided a substantial DB reduction, saving us from moving the AC equipment at great cost. The affected units are now all rented.

Jay Grollman, Vice President
Aston Care Systems
Sun City, FL



As a company, Acoustiblok is one of the few that backs its claims with hard science. Their website is filled with useful information including predicted results using various construction methods including resilient channels and double walls. Without this information, choosing one technique over another would be extremely difficult, as "trial and error" is not an option in construction.

As a product, we have found Acoustiblok to be very effective. Our storefront is on a major road, and our theater room had a thin wall with a door and window. Road noise made the room unusable, with both midrange car noise and the occasional low frequency truck sound. After installing a false wall inside that wall, using Acoustiblok, the room is essentially silent. Furthermore, since we built the wall in stages, we can say that the before Acoustiblok wall was not nearly as effective as the one after installation. The actual installation of the product does take two people, but is otherwise quick and easy!

Sean Tretiak
Home Theater Doctor

Although this project was not our first time with installing Acoustiblok, it definitely gave us the most exposure. We designed the home theater for a house selected in the local “Parade of Homes”. The room itself posed several acoustical challenges, but with the assistance of the staff at Acoustiblok, we solved them all. Another home also had a media room but was not treated with Acoustiblok. Finally the day arrived for the homes to be showcased. The reactions of the people streaming through the homes were entertaining. Everyone that came into the home treated with the Acoustiblok asked where the home theater was located. They stated they could hear the other home theater from out on the street. They were amazed and impressed they could not hear the home theater in the Acoustiblok treated home even though the theater was "booming" continuously. The product works great. We will continue recommending it in all of our projects.

Jim Green, President
AVID Home Systems
Daphne, AL 36526

::: Avid Home Systems Acoustiblok Installation :::


Valle del Tamarindo condominium San Juan Costa Rica

Located at Escazu, on the hills of the west side of San Jose, the most exclusive vertical condominium to date is under construction. Valle del Tamarindo is the name of the project and comprehends a 9 stories high building which houses 12 condos and 2 penthhouses.

Each condo is 5.000 sq/feet, and the penthouses are 10.000 sq/feet, constructions in 2 levels. The project houses the highest international standards regarding construction, security and finishes.

Privacy is a very important issue, especially in 6 figure homes. Where its vertical nature, masonry can not be used on all internal walls due to weight and structural limitations. Costa Rica is a located in a very active seismic zone.

The options considered common use construction materials in several configurations with multiple layers or improving the simple gypsum wall with an Acoustiblok liner. Once the developer considered the options, the labor required for each configuration, and indirect costs, the best investment choice considering soundproofing benefits was the Acoustiblok option. Acoustiblok presented a STC52 rating in a very easy and fast way to do it.

Most of the bedroom and bathroom walls are considered critical and are treated. Walls dividing kitchen and dining areas, as well as laundry areas are commonly treated zones as well. Each apartment owner has also added his choice for specific treatments: offices, gyms, dens, yoga rooms, etc...

To the right is my preliminary results of the performance of the Tamarindo Valley walls. Each wall is a composed by 1 layer of 1/2 inch gypsum, 3 inches metal stud, fiberglass filling , 1 layer acoustiblok and the other gypsum layer, sealed and painted. The walls run from the floor all the way to floor ceiling assembly of the upper story.

Our firm feels really proud to be part of such a high end project and having fulfilled the developers' requirements on such a sensitive topic.

Best regards,
Francisco Brenes.

Ing. Francisco Brenes Obaldía M.B.A.
Ingeniería ALFA: Ingenieria de control de ruido y acústica
A member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA

[ 10 dBA transmission loss = 50% reduction in audible sound ]

I not only have sold 120 town homes with Acoustiblok in Baldwin Park but I also live in one. The quality and efficiency of Acoustiblok has helped me ease the concerns of all of my buyers for an attached town home product. I have spoken with various home owners that all tell me they are very happy with the quality of the sound protection in between the units. I can also personally attest to the quality of AcoustiBlok in my own home. I have a surround sound system and I have asked my neighbor repeatedly if they hear it and the answer is always no. I definitely recommend this product.

Thank you,

Patrick de la Roza
Sales Manager, Rey Homes


Premier Property Group, Inc

We use AcoustiBlok faithfully in our construction. Our TerraVilla Masterplanned Community being one of the projects we've used it in. We love the product and can't say enough about it!!

Ann Seaquist
Premier Property Group, Inc.
TerraVilla Community

The staff at Acoustiblok has consistently made extra efforts to assist us in completing our projects on time. We love this product and how easy it is to use. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. - DECO Systems Dover, NH


The noise and vibration from the trolley cars right outside my condominium were unbearable. I am amazed with how well Acoustiblok worked! Now my wife and I can enjoy peace and quite in our home.

R. M., San Francisco, CA

To Whom It May Concern,

Craycon Homes is a residential home builder located in Piqua, Ohio. Our product line includes multi-family, duplex projects and single family homes in the greater Miami County area. We have used Acoustiblok on our zero lot line duplex units for a sound barrier between the units. We have found that this product does an amazing job of eliminating sound transferal between adjacent units at the parting wall. We have found that Acoustiblok is relatively easy to install saving on labor costs. We have been recommending this product to other trades people, with our stamp of approval. Thank you for the opportunity to share our success with your product.


Bob Graeser
Production Manager
Craycon Homes, Inc.

Soundproofing* our car with Acoustiblok made a BIG difference. We laid a sheet of Acoustiblok on our car floor before we put in our new stereo/CD player. It really cuts down outside noise and makes listening to music in our car very pleasurable. We plan to use Acoustiblok in our house when we renovate. We are very happy with Acoustiblok soundproofing materials-they work great.

Stone and Pat Reuning
Tampa, Florida

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