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Automotive Soundproofing / Sound Damping

As with its many other applications and uses, Acoustiblok is an excellent product to use in automotive applications. It works exceptionally well, far better than other materials when installed correctly. Acoustiblok is made in the U.S.A. from all U.S. materials. It should be noted that the greater reduction in ambient noise in the vehicle, ie: road noise/engine noise, the more perceptible the car stereo music becomes.

Sound Damping Speakers

If you're looking to make a speaker sound better in the door one needs to completely adhere (do not spot glue here) the material to as much of the metal door surface as possible inside the door. Use the Acoustiblok Fast Cure Industrial Adhesive and the Acoustigrip tape where needed. Do not use a substitute glue as many adhesives and tapes will hold initially but after a few weeks will lose the adhesion to the Acoustiblok. The object here is to create significantly more mass in the speaker enclosure (in this case the door). The speaker mounting should be as airtight as possible. We suggest using the Acousticaulk. It is of course imperative that after all your speakers are installed you verify polarity. A simple 9 V battery touched to each speaker wire at the amp connection allows you to visually see the cone move in or out. There is of course much more sophisticated equipment for doing this as well.

Eliminating Road Noise

If you're looking to prevent road noise through the floorboards first take one layer and completely (do not spot glue) adhere Acoustiblok to the floorboards. Using a heat gun helps situations where the Acoustiblok needs to be formed around certain protrusions in the floor. Do not use heat gun when adhesive fumes are in the air. Here again we are looking to create mass in a vibrating surface. Over the top of that layer lay the Acoustiblok-Wallcover® material covering as much area as possible. This material includes the second layer of Acoustiblok with the needed mechanical isoloation layer incorporated into it allowing it to reduce the airborne noise. The woven fiberglass top layer is extremely durable.

Engine Noise

The waterproof Acoustiblok will not mold, age, rot, or have any UV problems, however it will not function well in the engine compartment as at about 250° it will begin to lose consistency.

If you have to reduce engine noise or need Acoustiblok in high-temperature areas, we have had great success by first insulating the high-temperature area or item with Thermablok® aerogel material. This method works exceptionally well and is used in military applications as well as offshore oil rig installations when the noise source is extremely hot.

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Interior door panel with applied Acoustiblok
Interior door panel with applied Acoustiblok
Vehicle cab showing door panel with applied Acoustiblok
Sound system amplifiers in bed of vehicle

The words "soundproofing" (100% Sound elimination), which is impossible to achieve with Acoustiblok material or any other product.
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