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Soundproofing Demonstration on Acoustiblok
Acoustiblok, Inc. Executive Vice President Shawn Saathoff
demonstrates Acoustiblok material soundproofing qualities.

Acoustiblok, Inc. Executive Vice President Shawn Saathoff
demonstrates the Aurora Films Soundstage install.

National Geographic Channel's Showdown of the Unbeatables
featuring Acoustiblok soundproofing material.

Acoustiblok Installation Tutorial

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Soundproofing / Sound Insulation

At last an easy to use soundproofing* product to reduce sound transmission and increase thermal insulation that is U.L. approved to go into walls, ceilings and floors.

More than ever before we are experiencing noise disturbances in our work and personal lives. Diminishing privacy and noise pollution can affect peace of mind, increase tension levels, interfere with communication between people, and jeopardize safety in the workplace. Acoustiblok Soundproofing Materials can help relieve the stress brought on by unwanted noise

Condo owners are becoming increasingly aware of low EPA and EPC noise standards (residential noise limit is 55 dB at night, 60 dB during the day - the level of a normal conversation at three to five feet.) Such limits set the stage for easy litigation against sellers and builders over noise levels from adjoining units; a lack of privacy need not be tolerated.

More than ever before OSHA is focusing on regulating noise levels in the work place. The most cost effective solution is to prevent noise problems before they happen.

It is of course much easier to head off the problem during construction than try to correct it afterward (if it's even possible to correct.) Today's construction techniques do nothing to prioritize sound abatement. The best acoustic isolation methods (i.e.: rooms within rooms) are far too costly. Contrary to common usage, fiberglass, foam insulation, sound board, or extra layers of drywall do little to stop noise transmission. Even a poured concrete or concrete block wall is not a very good sound barrier; sound is very difficult to stop and solid rigid materials actually tend to transmit sound very well.

While others attempt various methods to stop or absorb sound, Acoustiblok has resolved the problem in a vastly different way: the pliable, 3mm (1/8") thick Acoustiblok is engineered not to stop or even absorb sound, but through a unique thermodynamic process Acoustiblok transforms the sound energy into trace amounts of inaudible friction energy. Check out how Acoustiblok has been used successfully all over the world for over 10 years to solve many types of noise problems.

soundproofing material

Acoustiblok is made of a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content. As sound waves cause the Acoustiblok material to flex, internal friction occurs and the acoustical energy is dissipated into a very small trace amount of heat. The viscoelastic principle is isothermal adiabatic. This is truly a vastly superior method to using massive solid materials for stopping sound transmission. Acoustiblok sound isolation material is 100% recyclable.

Thus one 3mm (1/8") layer of Acoustiblok in a standard stud wall will result in more sound reduction than 12-inches of poured concrete! (Certified lab results.) A layer of Acoustiblok properly installed on each side of the studs will reduce sound transmission virtually the same as 24-inches of concrete, and when used with Thermablok increases the thermal insulation value up to 40%.

Recently a concrete block wall with Acoustiblok applied to the metal stud was tested by a well known NVLAP certified audio lab and the results were remarkable: test administrator Kurt Golden said, "We have never tested a wall assembly that achieved such a high sound transmission loss rating; it even exceeded the testing capabilities of most laboratories!"

A material so revolutionary it was awarded in the British House of Commons the prestigious John Connell Award for Technology by the United Kingdom's Noise Abatement Society. "A revolutionary soundproofing material is to make an impact on noise abatement." - Lord Whitty. It can be easily installed without construction changes, special tools, or skilled labor and is U.L. approved for use in over 375 fire-rated wall and floor/ceiling configurations (see U.L. Classifications).Acoustiblok is also U.L. Canada approved. (See U.L Canada classification.) Simply cut it with a box knife, staple or screw to studs, and ensure airtightness.

Acoustical Real Time Video Imaging System®

Acoustiblok debuts revolutionary Acoustical Real Time Imaging System®, allowing visualization of all noise sources.

Truly revolutionary, the "acoustical real-time video imaging system"(ARTVIS®) allows one for the first time to actually "see" sound in real-time (as you would see thermal contours with a Flir infrared camera). Not only can one measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise and its reflections, but also visually identify the direction, source and frequency spectrum of the noise. It also helps in revealing modal transitions of resonance in buildings and structures that a standard spectrum analyzer does not reveal. Acoustical data collection and assessment which in the past may have taken hundreds of hours to compile, and even then much being conjecture, can now be visually observed and measured with a significantly higher degree of confidence within hours. Acoustiblok, a NASA Spinoff Listed company with OSHA trained personnel, is now pioneering the use of the ARTVIS systems with great success both in the United States and internationally. While Acoustiblok's investment in the system is over $200,000 each, the savings to the client in terms of money and time are incalculable as one can now quiet the precise noise source rather than the whole building.

soundproofing material

Acoustiblok has successfully used the ARTVIS system on many projects involving industrial noise and power plant noise. In a recent effort, residents of a surrounding community were complaining about noise from three diesel power plants within 1,000 feet of each other. The figures below show the noise spectrum, with particular peaks around 200 Hz, which was the source of the noise affecting the community.

A leading solution provider and manufacturer of noise attenuation materials and products for over 20 years, Acoustiblok also offers a full range of services to solve noise and vibration issues including problem identification, acoustical testing, design/engineering and installation support.

The words "soundproofing" (100% Sound elimination), which is impossible to achieve with Acoustiblok material or any other product.
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